About Me

In 2019, after moving into my first home in part of a converted old school - one which coincidentally some of my family used to be taught at - I decided to go it alone and begin following my passion for creating products, art and working on design projects by starting my own business. I started taking commissions for whatever I could get my hands on and slowly built my confidence, customer base and skills.
Two years and a global pandemic later, my art style has evolved to a point where lots of my work looks like old fashioned poster pieces. This, along with my "Old School" setting is why my business is called "The Old Arthouse." A lot of my customers are local people and business owners wanting a poster-style portrait of their shopfronts, cars or houses. I love working with them and also work to create my own F1-themed artwork on the side! I hope you enjoy some of my creations. :)
- Tom Glover