Circuit of The Americas

The last few months have seen a big improvement in my workflow. I invested in an IPad Pro which allows me to plan out my art pieces easier and to do so even on the move. It's meant that each of my recent pieces has been a step up over the one previous in some way. I've been more ambitious with my use of colour, my design layout and my use of text.

The pinnacle of this currently has to be my Circuit of The Americas poster, which I'm over the moon with, and considering I'm someone who never used to be happy with any piece of artwork I produced even after spending weeks on some of them, it's crazy to think I can do these in half the time and enjoy the process and result so much more. 

To anyone out there starting out and being frustrated, just know that with time you will - and this is the key - overcome your perfectionism. It's not about necessarily making better art, but being less attached to the art being perfect. This has been a big realisation for me over the last year or so and has counter-intuitively allowed me to create much better work. I still make plenty of duds in between but I put them aside and move onto he next one quickly.

So we've almost hit November and it's the final push before the end of the year. I hadn't quite anticipated the amount of races I'd be committing to painting when I said I'd do each race after my Monaco piece but I've got some pretty exciting tracks coming up to continue having fun with and to put all the knowledge I've gained to the test with, so wish me luck and I'll see you on the other side!