Birmingham Super Prix

Here is my first finished piece of 2024, painted in recognition of The Birmingham Super Prix, a Formula 3000 event which, from what I can tell, was Britain’s first and only legal street race running from 1986 - 1990.

Depicted here prior to his Formula 1 career is Jean Alesi driving the Eddie Jordan Racing car ahead of Marco Apicella of First Racing.

My first attempt at painting onto wood rather than canvas, I was inspired to create this by several recent trips into the city where I’ve been in the process of getting some artwork into the Birmingham-based EFA Gallery

Working on opening up this new sales channel has taken a lot of my attention, and despite the lack of new art so far this year, it feels like the busiest winter I’ve had in years. The other big task so far has been turning my garage into a functioning part of my art studio to improve workflow, something I’m pretty excited about.

Tasks now complete I cant wait to get fully up to speed painting again and share some more work with you!

Stay tuned for more! 💪🥂